Don Dunoon offers diagnostic, facilitation, and dialogue services to help organizations and their stakeholders to build shared understandings about issues of concern, clarify a preferred future with those issues overcome, and put in place strategies to move in the desired direction.

Specific diagnosis and facilitation services include:

  • Process design – Don works jointly with the client to design and execute a good process for achieving the desired outcomes
  • Stakeholder interviews – particularly with senior executives, to tap their views on the issues and opportunities
  • Surveys – customized online surveys to mine the intelligence of stakeholders, such as employees, customers, and industry partners
  • Focus groups – useful for enabling and focusing discussion among stakeholders as to the nature of underlying issues and possibilities for action
  • Facilitation – whether for planning days, retreats or executive meetings, the focus is on enabling a high quality, focused discussion to ensure that desired outcomes are achieved.


In mid 2010, a general manager of a product line in a major bank wanted to build collaboration with other divisions on a 3-year business strategy. Don worked with the GM and with other senior executives and staff to design and facilitate a planning day that would ensure high engagement with the 80 or so participants from 6 of the bank’s divisions. Evaluation showed that the process and day were highly successful in building collaborative effort toward achieving the strategy.

Stakeholder Dialogue

Don has advanced skills in engaging stakeholders on the critical issues and enabling productive exploration of difficult topics - thereby releasing energy for change.

Drawing on many years of experience in facilitating stakeholder dialogue, Don is able to assist those involved to recognize and move beyond their particular assumptions, interests, and positions to join with others in a wide-ranging and deep-reaching consideration of the issues and opportunities.

His experience is that when people participate in a productive dialogue they become more able to see other perspectives, to recognize their own framing of the issue, to delve into the deeper aspects, to imagine bold and creative futures, and to thoughtfully consider strategies for moving forward.

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